Claassen Family Vacation – South Africa

When my younger brother Sam chose to spend a semester studying abroad in South Africa, I was elated. Sam is willing to try anything, and I knew South Africa wouldn’t disappoint his adventurous spirit. Selfishly, I also hoped I could sneak in a return trip to one of my favorite countries to visit him. Two weeks after returning back to the US from Lead Now, I hopped on a plane to South Africa with my parents. 40 hours later, we landed in Cape Town.

Claassen SA14-4403

Claassen Panorama-3754

Lead Now began in South Africa last June. The immaculate rock, gorgeous weather, rapidly evolving culture, and energetic community made it one of my favorite stops on our tour. After six weeks of climbing on the eastern side of the country, near-ish to Johannesburg, I didn’t want to leave. South Africa had captured my heart, and I was eager to return and explore other parts of the country.

This was the first non climbing trip I have embarked on in many years. After the constant pressure to project near my limit for the past year, I was excited to spend some time relaxing with my family. In full-fledged tourist mode, we went on safaris, ate seafood, and took long (not so romantic) walks on the beach.

Claassen SA14-4067

Claassen SA14-4299

Claassen SA14-4493

Claassen Panorama-3911

Claassen SA14-4226

People ask what I missed the most while I was overseas the last year. I didn’t really miss the things I had craved on previous trips – my bed, homemade pancakes, English television. All I truly missed were my friends and family. I’m fortunate that my family has always had the opportunity to travel together, and it’s fun to continue those family trips even as adults (ha!). Sam and I even took over driving and navigating duties – after 23 years of family trips we finally earned our way to the front of the car!

Aside from the long travel days, two weeks with the people I love most was the perfect way to reunite after time apart. I’m proud of Sam for all that he is doing, and I’m proud of my parents for tolerating our travel bugs (which don’t seem to be waning, sorry Mom and Dad). I’m lucky to have parents who love to explore and travel themselves, and will let their children drag them down dirt roads at night through tall grasses in Africa (sorry about that one too!).

Claassen Panorama-3721

Claassen SA14-4484

As with all families, we’re all feeling antsy to get back to our own routines. As for me, I’m eager to get back out climbing – this time on the road in the US. It’s been a while since I traveled solo, and I’m pretty stoked. A few days to recover from jetlag and then I’m off to Smith Rock!

On another note, check in to on Friday April 25th at 11am for a LIVE webcast I’m doing with Jon, the LT11 team, ClimbingNarc and Marmot to discuss Lead Now. We should have some good stories to share!

Claassen Panorama-3864

Claassen SA14-3989

Claassen SA14-4017

Claassen Panorama-3923

Claassen Panorama-3799

Claassen SA14-3934

Claassen Panorama-3857

Claassen SA14-4375

Claassen SA14-3957

Claassen Panorama-3760

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  1. Michelle says:

    Great pics, Paige! So proud of you, and Sam.

  2. Mackenzie berryman says:

    You guys have the lost awesome adventures!!! One of these days we will all go together!!! Love you all!!

  3. Julia J. S. says:

    Gorgeous pictures, Paige! It is so nice to “see” your family again, and I’m so glad you all got to spend some time relaxing together in such a beautiful place! <3

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