The Battle Rages

I’ve spent the past few weekends battling a project at one of my top three favorite areas in the world – Mill Creek, Utah. The battle continues, and so far the route is winning. Until I step up my opposition, enjoy a photo recap!

Mill Creek’s very own Princess Lisa

Ben Spannuth – a true sportsman. Golfer, climber (he made quick work of the Bleeding), aspen bender.

My number one support system (my parents, not Bodhi and Amiko…well them too)

Turning the tables on the paparazzi

Lindsay Gasch Crush[ing] Skull

Just another day on the [campsite] range

Earth Day at the skate park

Icy mornings


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  1. Steve says:

    I’m no expert photographer but your photos have gotten a lot better in such a short time! Good job and good luck on the project!

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